Rhode Island Family Law: Skillful Legal Help By Your Side in Court


Family law issues are a delicate matter. Arriving at a good solution can be challenging when emotions are involved, which is always the case when a legal matter involves money and children.

At the Warwick, Rhode Island, family law office of Paul J. Ferns, we work hard to keep tensions low and cooperation high. Attorney Ferns is a calm and courteous presence, working supportively and respectfully to help you reach your goal.

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Free Initial Consultation on Any Family Law Matter

  1. Divorce : Divorce can be a challenge, but together we will get you through this with attorney Ferns as your advocate. We'll explain the requirements of Rhode Island divorce law, how the law impacts your unique situation, including common law marriages, and help you through the process.
    • Division of marital assets : Do you have a complex estate, with inheritance issues, separate property, interest in a business, or multiple properties? Not a problem. Warwick divorce attorney Paul J. Ferns has handled many complex property settlement cases.
    • Division of a pension or retirement account : Your pension or retirement account may be a marital asset, in which case it will be considered in the division of marital property. It's critical that retirement assets be divided properly. Failing to do so could leave you open to taxation. Mr. Ferns will explain how your specific retirement account or pension plan should be handled.
    • Alimony/spousal support: Will you need spousal support in order to get back on your feet? Are you worried you will be asked to pay more alimony than you can afford? Attorney Ferns will present a strong case on your behalf.
  2. Child Custody : Emotions factor heavily into negotiations for child custody and child support. Mr. Ferns' courtesy and calm demeanor can be an invaluable asset in negotiations. Mr. Ferns handles child custody and child support cases for couples who are getting divorced and for unmarried parents who want the benefit of legal court orders.
    • Child relocation : Relocation is always a difficult decision and it's not a slam-dunk decision in court. Both parents will need to prove their case. Mr. Ferns can help you do that effectively.
    • Trouble paying child support? : Don't risk the nasty consequesnces of becoming delinquent in child support payments. Avoid support payments by asking the court for a modification of your support order as soon as you know you are having a problem.
    • Modification of support and custody : If you've run into problems with an existing court order – the other parent has failed to pay child support or to follow the parenting plan, or your child's needs have changed and the old order just doesn't work for your family any more, we can help you bring it back to court.

Get the legal help you need and the caring, personal attention you deserve. Contact Warwick divorce attorney of Paul J. Ferns: 401-714-5526.

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