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Warwick, RI Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged by law enforcement with a crime you need a tough, seasoned criminal lawyer at your side to be sure that you receive fair treatment and an aggressive defense. In criminal law cases you want to absolute best result possible in your case. Hiring a lawyer earlier in the process often improves your ability to prove your innocence or to defend against aggressive charges. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with a criminal complaint or believe you will be charged in the near future, call me today to confidentially discuss your case. I do not charge for the first consultation.

As a Warwick criminal lawyer Paul J. Ferns these are some of the areas of criminal law I handle are listed below. I have a record of successfully getting criminal charges dismissed.

DUI/DWI – Drunken Driving Offenses. Drunken driving charges are serious and whether the police have the results of breathalyzer test or not you need a good defense lawyer. Drunken driving charges often result in the loss of the person’s driving license which can put the ability to maintain employment at risk.

Assault – If the charge is assault there are often mitigating factors and sometimes an incorrect police report.

Domestic Assault – Charges of domestic assault can impact other areas of your life you may be involved in like divorce, or divorce modification hearing.

Theft Crimes – Stealing from a store, warehouse or employer can result in jail time. Do not think you can negotiate directly with police to get out of these charges, even if you have done nothing wrong. Law enforcement’s job is to put people in jail. Be sure your rights are protected if you are looking a theft charges.

Juvenile Crime – Presenting a juvenile’s case properly is very important so that the case and any charges or judgements do not impact a person’s long term employment or educational opportunities.

Drug Charges – Despite the decriminalization of and legalization of marijuana in many states, drug charges regarding marijuana are serious and can result in long prison sentences. Many people facing drug charges are often addicted and will benefit from rehabilitation not incarceration. Whether your charges result from drug use, or drug distribution be sure that you have an aggressive defense and legal strategy to overcome or at least mitigate the impact these charges will have on a court’s judgement.

White Collar Crime – Embezzlement or illegal business practices done by a professional, entrepreneur or public official can result in the government seizing your assets and prison sentences. Charges may be: computer fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, healthcare fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, racketeering, insurance fraud, extortion, Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds and environmental law violations.

Whatever the challenges, Mr. Ferns will stand by your side throughout the process, always available to answer your questions. In criminal cases getting ahead of the legal process is very helpful so you do not want to take a “wait and see” approach. Call me today for a free consultation.

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