Divorce & Division of Asset Services

Married couple getting divorced
Getting divorced is never an easy process, even if you both want the divorce, and even if you are in agreement on many of the issues. It takes time; it can be stressful, and hard decisions will have to be made. But it is possible to get through the process with a good working relationship intact. That's particularly important if you will be co-parenting with the other person for years go come.

Warwick divorce lawyer Paul J. Ferns strives to keep tensions low and cooperation high by treating all parties with courtesy and respectful. While always a strong advocate for his client, he doesn't believe bullying behavior from lawyers gets good results for clients. His clients appreciate his calm, measured approach.

Simple or Complicated Rhode Island Divorce Cases

Rhode Island family courts have streamlined the divorce process. If you want to accomplish your divorce (relatively) quickly, you can, with the two-stage divorce process.

The first stage takes about 75 days to complete. If you are in agreement at the time of your first court hearing, you will be granted a "nominal" divorce. Once your 3-month waiting period is complete, your divorce will be finalized. (If you have been separated for 2 years or more, you do not need to complete a 3-month waiting period.)

Of course, most clients would like to keep costs down. This early stage is the most cost-effective time to reach agreement on the key issues of divorce – division of marital assets and debts, spousal support and child custody and support. Mr. Ferns will work hard to help you define the goals most important to you and to find the points of give-and-take with your spouse.

Contested Divorce

If you have not reached an agreement by the time of the first hearing, that's okay. A second hearing will be set, with several conferences in between. The task remains the same – to work with the other party to resolve issues that remain in dispute.

Our firm can bring experts to the table to assist with properly valuing assets and real estate. If child custody is the sticking point, a child custody evaluation may be needed. We'll help you access the services you need to move forward.

Divorce and Common Law Marriage

Rhode Island recognizes the validity of common law marriage. Common law spouses can access the RI family court to get divorced, divide marital assets and retirement funds, and seek spousal support. The only unique challenge in common law marriage is that you may first need to prove the validity of the marital relationship.

Whatever the challenges, Mr. Ferns will stand by your side throughout the process, always available to answer your questions. Get the legal help you need and the caring, personal attention you deserve. Contact the Warwick family law office of Paul J. Ferns: 401-714-5526 or fill out our contact form today.