Legal Help to Modify a Child Custody Order or Enforce a Child Support Order


Has a change in job or life circumstances resulted in a need to reduce or increase child support or make a change in a parenting plan?

Are you having difficulties with your child's other parent?

Warwick child custody attorney Paul Jr. Ferns can help you get a modification of your existing Rhode Island support or custody order (and in some cases, modification of an alimony order). He works with divorced parents and never-married parents to bring cases back to family court. He can also assist you with enforcement of court orders.

Get legal help you can rely on. Contact our Warwick law office Paul J. Ferns or call 401-714-5526 to schedule a free initial consultation. Learn more about Rhode Island child custody law and how it will apply in your custody case.

Modify an Existing Court Order

Modify a Child Support Order: Have you or your ex-partner had a change in income, upward or downward? Have your child's needs changed so that there are extra expenses – or fewer expenses – for childcare, medical needs, education? Attorney Ferns can help you take your case back to Rhode Island family court to seek a modification of your child support order.

Modify a Child Custody Agreement or Visitation Schedule: Family courts in Rhode Island want to ensure that a child benefits from stability and continuity, therefore, judges are not as willing to order a change in a child custody order. This is especially true for the first year or two. You will need a good reason to change an existing child custody order. Attorney Ferns can explain what the judge is looking for when he meets with your for your free initial consultation.

Modify or End Alimony: The most common modification of alimony is ending an alimony order after a remarriage of the receiving spouse, but in some very specific cases it's possible to change an order (usually downward).

Enforce a Court Order

If your ex owes you money, you have every right to bring him or her before the judge in a contempt proceeding. Rhode Island law provides a number of options for exerting pressure on a non-paying parent, including loss of a driver's license, house arrest and even jail time. Mr. Ferns can help you get the payment the judge ordered for you or your children.

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